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“Please Help Our Dad To Walk Again”


Me (Hannah Harrison, age 17)  and my brother (Elliott Harrison, age 16)  are writing to ask for your help in purchasing a “rewalk” for my dad who is in a wheelchair, to make his dream of walking again come true. 

When I was 6 months old my dad was diagnosed with a tumour at the top of his spine.  Thankfully benign, the tumour was successfully removed during a 9 hour operation, but 10 days later he caught post operative meningitis, was in intensive care for 4 days and not expected to live.

Luckily he did live and spent a further 5 months in a RehabilitationHospital where he eventually got to a stage where he could walk with the aid of crutches. 5 days after he came home my brother Elliott was born.

My dad has never been able to play outdoor games with us and although we have a full and happy childhood, my dad always feels sad that he can’t play ball with us and enjoy family pursuits that most people take for granted.  Up until he was diagnosed with the tumour he had always been a keen sportsman, playing football and cricket and he always feels sad that he isn’t able to play football with Elliott, who is also a keen sportsman. 

Further set backs arised and my dad had to have major operations in 2006 and 2007, which resulted in him being in a wheelchair for the majority of the time, but he still managed to walk very short distances with crutches. 

In July 2010 he underwent a routine operation, but unfortunately he caught an infection, spent another 12 weeks in hospital and has been left in a wheelchair permanently. 

Me, my brother and my mum help my dad exercise every single day, undergo physio sessions twice a week, all with the aim of trying to walk again.  If willpower, determination and hard work could make him walk we have no doubt he would be up and running by now, unfortunately this is not enough. 

My dad carries on, puts on a brave face and continues with his life as best as he can.  He plays the trombone and helps run the local marching band in our town, but his ultimate dream is to walk again. 

This is the reason for our letter.  We are trying to raise funds to purchase the “rewalk” which is a robotic suit which will enable him to walk again, and make his dreams come true.  The cost of this suit is 45,000 and we are running an appeal to try and raise this money.  It would also make mine, my brother’s and my mum’s dreams come true to see him stand and walk again. 

We have raised enough money to purchase the suit by organising charity events such as race nights, sponsored events, a charity football match, bag packing, car boot and selling wristbands, however, there is still a long way to go.

Any donation you are able to give would be truly appreciated.  The appeal we have set up is the ‘Andy Harrison Mobility Appeal’ and if you feel you are able to support us any cheques would need to be made payable to this, or alternatively you may wish to make a donation direct into this bank account. The details you require are :-         sort code 77-15-18 account number 37006968 

If you would like any further information about my dad’s condition or appeal, or have any further ideas about fundraising, please e-mail my dad at

Thank you most sincerely for taking the time to read this letter and once again, any help you are able to give would be truly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. 

Hannah & Elliott Harrison


Robotic ReWalk Suit

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