Registered Charity Number 514855

Melton Mowbray

Toy Soldiers Band


The Melton Mowbray Toy Soldiers formed in 1936. We are a registered charity and members of the Carnival Bands Association .

We welcome band members from the Melton Mowbray area and are aged from 9 years upwards.

We train all of our members how to march, teach them drill with a replica rifle and teach them to play any band instrument of their choice if they so wish. Our instruments consist of Trumpets, Euphoniums, Baritones, Saxophones, Slide trombones, Tenor horns, Bell lyres, Side drums, Tenor drums, Cymbals and Bass drum.

Our uniform consists of Red tunics (Grenadier Guard Style), white trousers with a red stripe (male and female), Bearskin type hats, White Sam Browne belts, White socks and Black shoes.

We offer Daylight Arena Displays, Evening Arena Displays and Processions consisting of figure marching, counter marching and slow marching accompanied by popular tunes. Our Evening Arena Displays and Processions use over 300 coloured bulbs placed strategically on parts of the uniform. In our famous "Dambusters sequence" we also use fireworks , this is often used by organisers as a finale to their show instead of an expensive firework display. For full value an arena approximately 50 yards x 40 yards is required.

We have our own transport that consists of a 52 seater coach for travel to and from engagements

Bus 4



We have a small band of dedicated supporters to whom we are greatly indebted, who not only give us verbal and moral support, but who also assist in our event preparations and chaperone our younger members to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Performing Right Society Licence No. 121142

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